A downloadable game for Windows

i made this game in a week for a local game jam with one of my other game dev friends, the "theme" was to make a flappy bird clone and i personaly dont know how to feel about the fact that this is my best game so far, also its my first finished pygame game and first finished game in a very long time

when my friend finishes their game, i will link it here (if i dont forget lul)

correction* i acctualy started work on this game 2 and a bit weeks ago but i only grinded it to the end a week ago, thats when we decided to set a deadline to acctualy finish it lul

----------------- controlls -----------------
LMB - jump/start
M - toggle mute

Install instructions

there will probably be a windows virus detection popup that you have to turn off when clicking the game file and idk how to turn it off, its very annoying


jet jump.zip 10 MB


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This feels so nice to play! The pixel art looks so good yet feels so smooth. Great remake.

thank you! im glad you enjoyed it :D


cool and good (:


oh hey! havent seen you in a while


havent had anything to say or do